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ExtraTorrents Proxy List & Alternatives That Works In 2021

All torrent users must be familiar with ExtraTorrents websites. It was one of the most used and trusted websites among users for downloading various contents. But, ExtraTorrents was shut down due to various complaints by the copyright owners. Whatever was the reason behind it, the website was shut down and users were left hanging. However, some people have tried to keep it alive by building mirror or proxy sites instead of the original one.

These proxy sites and alternatives help you access Extra Torrents without any hassle even in 2021. You can use Extratorrents to download free movies, TV shows, software, and more things. You can also use the extra torrentz2 search engine to search for new movies and TV shows.

Here is the list of best mirror websites to Extra Torrents:

So, these websites should help you in opening the Extratorrent website without any hassle. If for some reason, you are unable to open the Extratorrents torrent site, then you can use a VPN.

VPN – For Extratorrents unblock, VPN is the best choice. By using a VPN, you will be able to unblock the website and start downloading the important stuff once again. To get a VPN, first, you have to look for a good VPN service provider in your area. And then, download and install it on your computer and then you can open the Extratorrents website directly on it. All your traffic will be redirected through a different server selected in the VPN software.

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